Christian counseling for gambling

Tragically, real-life examples probably won't be hard to find. Second, these are matters of personal conscience. What about private gambling and gambling when losses are limited to a few dollars? How is gambling contrary to the biblical work ethic? For example, betting on the Super Bowl with coworkers or buying lottery tickets is a far more acceptable type of gambling for a lot of Christians than going to a casino or participating in late night poker games.

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Gambling addictions literally can tear families apart. We've unfortunately seen it happen. If you are reading this, we hope that you pick up the phone and call us. A few suggested steps for pastoral care toward a Biblical solution for addiction. not even include two other behavioral addictions: pornography and gambling. Compulsive Gambling Problem Addiction - Online Help, Information, Statistics, Treatment / Recovery Programs, Organizations, Christian Resources. system of counselors and mental health professionals to treat problem gamblers and pay.